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Heartland Camporee

Heartland Camporee
33 Knox Rd 650 E,
London Mills, IL 61544, US
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When:        October 16-18, 2020

Where:       Ingersoll Scout Reservation, London Mills, Il

Who:          BSA Troops 

Heartland Scoutmasters and Troop Committee Chairs,
We have struggled to figure out to do with the Camporee this year and have landed on this final idea.
On the weekend of Oct 16-18 at Ingersoll Scout camp we will offer the “the summer camp you never had” camporee. Troops will contact Austin St. George to register for the below activities on a first come basis and be assigned a campsite. The camp will be safe. Only one troop will camp at a campsite, the event will be limited to 8 troops, there will be no opening / closing ceremonies, and equipment will be cleaned between periods. Smaller troops will be asked if they are comfortable in doing an activity with another small troop to allow the most scouts to participate. If both units agree, that will be the only other unit that they do activities with that weekend and the total size will not exceed 10. This will allow for traceability.
Payment will be very flexible. While we want you to reserve activities ahead of time, you will not be billed until the end of the camporee. If a paid activity is rained out you will not be charged for the activity. Check in times are flexible as checkin material will be emailed instead of done at the camp.
When you contact Austin please indicate what activities you are interested in:
Camping – $5 per scouter for weekend.
Rife Shooting – $5 per scout (will be place in one of the four, 1.5 hour periods on Saturday)
Climbing / Rappelling – $10 per scout (will be place in one of the four, 1.5 hour periods on Saturday)
Mountain biking – $5 per scout (will be place in one of the four, 1.5 hour periods on Saturday)
Fishing – Free – open anytime.
Hiking – Free – We have maps and scouts can work on 2nd class 5 mile hike
Boats – $5 per boat / canoe / kayak
Merit Badges – Free – if enough interest we will provide counselors for up to four different ones.
Thanks and looking forward to a fun, but distanced, Camporee.
Austin St George (309) 673-6136 ext 128
Darryl Diver 309.573.7337
Paul Ernst 309.369.4232
Erin Smith (309) 673-6136 ext 140
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